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As a small business owner I always search for new solutions to better our customer service and improve our bottom line.

Your online Training not only helped us achieve those goals but also gave us the right tools for future employees. We have always searched for training solutions, but yours was very effective and didn't break the bank.

Our servers loved what they learned and they feel more confident when talking to our customers. We have seen great results. Our customer service levels have improved and we have seen an increase in sales.

Your iTraining system is really great. It makes our job easier in training our servers, especially on our ever changing Wine List.

Thank you.
Antonio Pellini
Chef, Owner Eatalian Cafe.

Hi Massimo,

I am happy to report to you that your website TuttoMassimo is really helping the new staff that we hired.

Your courses help even the staff that has been with us for many many years too, they learn about the ingredients that go in every dish, they learn about the wines form around the world (California, French, Italian, etc.).

I am impressed, and for me after being in this business for 40 years, it';s something.

I want to thank you personally to make Locanda Veneta look better.

Andre Ginekis, Sr.
Chef, Owner Locanda Veneta

Dear Mr. Pianiri,

I would like to thank you for the great online training you provided to my waiters and waitresses. The sales are going up but we are especially doing much better with the wine sales. Thanks again.

Jean Louis De Mori
Maccheroni Republic


As an unexperienced server, TuttoMassimo online training was much needed to develop myself in the restaurant field.

During my online training I really enjoyed every level and topic. The fascinating videos and tests after every topic makes TuttoMassimo unique and very understandable for everyone who wants to learn how to become a professional server.

I truly believe that the TuttoMassimo course is one priceless online training which can help all of us to become the best server.

Filipa Barsanova

To the administrative team at TuttoMassimo, buongiorno!

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of the TuttoMassimo course. I keep a close eye on my income, and when crunching the numbers for 2015 I noticed a 67% increase in gratuities to 20% and over already! By applying only a few of your tips, I have been able to increase customer satisfaction while increasing my own. TuttoMassimo WORKS!

The iTraining is also very useful in keeping up with the latest improvements and menu changes at my restaurant. All in all, I feel more connected and more secure in my job.

Thanks again, to everyone who is involved in bringing this fantastic tool to the table!

John Marc

I just want to share and give thanks for all the great information that you and your team put together for the already Servers, Waiters, Waitresses, and the Ones to soon become.

I completed LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 and my confidence at the tables were positively improved, knowing and putting to work  things like: The approach of the tables, first impressions using the verbal and non-verbal communications, the proper way to serve the customer and when to do it, how to be prepared with your appearance and be  professional, using the art of recovery, show gratitude at the customers that we tend to take for granted for their business. These are some of the things among other valuable ones in the TuttoMassimo Courses that have helped me. In my humble opinion you also teach us  to do more sales  and create more customers.

Juan Martinez Soriano

Hello Massimo,

I would like to thank you for teaching us the excellent “Italian Style Table Service”.

Denis Svircic