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When joining Tutto Massimo, you will have access to your own personal Dashboard, from where you can enjoy all of the following features:

  • Access to all of your purchased courses or those that may have been assigned to you by a restaurant
  • Comprehensive overview of completed lessons & quizzes
  • Monitor your active course progress and running score
  • Dedicated section to monitor and keep track of your refreshment courses
  • Print and share your Certification of Completion of courses you have taken
  • Connect with restaurants and provide them insights into your course progress or certification status


  • All courses come with a set refreshment quizzes to help retain course material
  • The refreshment courses come with their own control panel where you can determine the frequency of the refreshment quizzes (frequency controlled by the purchaser)
  • Ability to retake a refreshment quiz in order to better your score


  • Requirement: In order to add a resume or indicate your available shifts to prospective employers, one must have an active membership.
  • Add a detailed chronology of your past work related experience by using our dedicated resume tool
  • Indicate to prospective employers, which shifts, for any day of the week, you’re available to work


  • Enjoy a course for one full year from the date of purchase, or maintain unlimited access with an active membership
  • Take a course at your own pace by saving your progress at any time
  • Course menu indicator to keep track of where you are within a course
  • Unlimited access to completed lessons and quizzes within our practice environment where you can review all course content
  • Ability to retake a course to better your score & grade


  • Requirement: In order to access the Recruitment Center one must have an active membership.
  • To search for food server related positions, one must be certified in at least one Tutto Massimo course.
  • Ability to search for job offerings for any restaurant related positions
  • Be searchable by restaurant owners based on your status of Tutto Massimo Waiter or Italian Style Table Service Specialist


  • Your public profile will always display your name, your Tutto Massimo ID number and the most current course and certification information and will be available at any time for any restaurant owner looking for potential employees
  • With an active membership, you can take further control of your public profile and decide which additional information you want to share (incl. more personal details, resume, available shifts)