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When joining Tutto Massimo, you will have access to your own personal Dashboard, from where you can enjoy all of the following features:

  • Invite staff and assign them with courses
  • Monitor your staff training progress and performance
  • Connect with already existing Tutto Massimo waiters and add them to your dashboard to follow their course progress and certification status
  • Manage your multiple locations
  • Use our Tutto Massimo print materials to let your staff know about training benefits


  • Assign purchased courses to staff members
  • Keep track of staff progress and performance in real time
  • Access to purchase additional discounted courses


  • Requirement: In order to access the Recruitment Center one must have an active membership.
  • Post job openings for any work related positions
  • Find staff who have been professionally trained in Italian Style Table Service (Certified Tutto Massimo Waiters or Certified Italian Style Table Service Specialists)
  • Targeted search of shifts for any day of the week to find available staff
  • Check out potential employee profiles and find the right staff to fit your needs


  • Custom environment for restaurant owners to add their menus, wine lists and specials
  • Staff members who you are connected with receive access to all menu related material
  • Test your staff’s knowledge by creating your own in house quizzes regarding any subject you choose (including any menus, wine lists or specials you have added in your menu section)
  • Keep track of staff progress and performance in real time
  • Send practice quizzes whenever you like in order to keep your staff refreshed


  • Determine the refreshment quiz frequency of courses you have assigned
  • Keep track of staff progress and performance in real time
  • Access to the full refreshment course curriculum of each course you have purchased
  • Send practice quizzes to your staff a head of their scheduled quiz date


  • Perfect for restaurant owners with more than 1 restaurant to setup individual dashboards for each location
  • Preferred multi-location discount on initiation fees
  • Provide each location manager with their individual dashboard login in order to enjoy all dashboard benefits for staff members of that location
  • The master dashboard will retain a full overview of all staff activity of all locations
  • Easy filtering tools within the master dashboard to focus on any one specific location and staff performance