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In Level One, Maitre'D Tutto Massimo will share the secrets of how to meet customer expectations and improve the perception of the wait staff and thereby the restaurant. From how to work with a positive attitude to understanding the importance of knowledge, Level One is easy for waiters to learn and is the foundation required for them to deliver the Italian Style Table Service  your customers want and expect while dining at your restaurant.


In Level Two, Maitre'D Tutto Massimo will guide waiters step-by-step through the entire dining experience from "how to approach the table" to "delivering the check." Waiters will learn the secrets of why Italian Style Table Service produces positive results and they will discover what they need to know in order to recreate the authentic Italian dining experience that customers are looking for.


In Level Three, Maitre'D Tutto Massimo will provide waiters with all that is needed to increase their knowledge and boost their confidence. In this comprehensive training, they will learn hundreds of ingredients used in Italian cuisine, Italian wines, the major grapes of the world and much more. Finally, they will learn how to make recommendations using the appropriate terminology and how to answer customer questions in a professional way that will make you and your restaurant look great in the eyes of your customers.

Refreshment Courses

All Tutto Massimo courses come with a set of refreshment quizzes designed to help retain all the material previously learned.

  • The frequency of these quizzes is determined by who purchased the course and can be taken in Easy, Moderate or Intense (1per month, 2 per month, 4 per month)
  • Each refreshment quiz becomes available 30 days from the date of completing a Tutto Massimo course
  • Eleven refreshment quizzes are available for each course

What are refreshment quizzes? Refreshment quizzes are a random compilation of questions taken from the course quizzes.

Scores and progress for each refreshment quiz is viewable in the user dashboard and can be shared in the user’s profile.

Users can take the quizzes multiple times to improve their score.  The highest score will be the one that is featured.

Tutto Tips

Included in ALL Levels of Italian Style Table Service is TUTTO TIPS, the ultimate resource of words and phrases meant to create a more positive perception of your waiters, your restaurant and you as an owner.

Collected over the past 20 years, this important resource will not only make your customers feel valued but will also help your waiters express themselves in a more personal, professional and polite manner, enabling them to increase their sales. From a typical: "Do you want another glass of wine?" to a more sophisticated: "Would you like to enjoy another glass of our fantastic chianti?" how words are used is the key to making your restaurant look good in the eyes of your customers and setting your restaurant apart from your competition.