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Welcome to I-Training!

Welcome to I-Training!

I-training is the valuable tool we created to help restaurant owners save time and money for their in-house training.  While Tutto Massimo Courses are considered strong foundations for your wait staff’s customer service expertise, we understand that there are specific and differentiating factors making your restaurant unique and competitive in today’s marketplace.

Customized Training for Your Restaurant

Using the same platform of questions and answers as in the Tutto Massimo training,* you will be able to train your waiters and test their knowledge about all topics relevant to the success of your business. Perfect for informing your team about menu items,  (their ingredients, preparation, allergens, wine (lists, descriptions, food pairing, dessert and by the glass), specials, desserts, cocktails, and much more!

How Does it Work?

Tutto Massimo’s I-Training allows you to enter your restaurant’s specific information and then share it with your wait staff in the form of quizzes.   Valuable for both current and newly on boarded employees, I-Training makes it easy to ensure your staff has the information they need to provide the best customer service specific to your restaurant’s menu, wine lists and specials while saving time and money for your business.

*Each quiz in the Tutto Massimo courses is comprised of multiple choice questions with four possible responses and one correct answer.

Features & Benefits


  • Upload and save your menus and wine lists
  • Create your quizzes
  • Share with your staff and test their knowledge (individually or collectively)
  • Track learning progress and results of your team in real time
  • Send out updates to your staff regarding price and menu changes
  • Reduce the number of mandatory staff meetings
  • Pre-screen prospective employees reducing costly floor training