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Food Server Training


How can Tutto Massimo help my Italian restaurant?

Tutto Massimo provides services meant to help your Italian restaurant be more successful! Our Italian Style Table Service food server training is designed to help your waiters elevate the level of service to your customers. Guaranteed!

I only employ a few waiters. Does it make sense for me to sign up?

If you currently employ less than three waiters and you are not interested in all the services and features we offer, your best option is to go with our A la Carte menu, where you can sign up for individual courses.

How do I know the Tutto Massimo training is working and when can I see results?

Restaurants that have participated in the program typically see results in as little as two weeks after their waiters have completed the course. You should notice fewer complaints, fewer order mistakes, higher sales and improved customer service.

My waiters are not happy that they have to take the course in order to work in my restaurant, what should I do?

Remind them of the benefits of taking the course and how it can positively improve their customer service and, more importantly (for them), their ability to make more money from tips.

Is this training only for fine Italian dining restaurants?

No! This training has been designed to help all Italian restaurant owners who believe in creating an Italian dining experience for their customers whether their business is big or small; fine or casual.

I am opening an additional location for my restaurant. May I use the training that I have already purchased for my new location?

Yes you may, but be sure to activate the multiple location feature on your dashboard. 

What is the best way to maximize results?

Be sure that your waiters know that customer service is one of your top priorities. Also, let them know that while taking the course, you are keeping track of their progress and monitoring their scores. We highly recommend that you have your waiters repeat the training if you don’t see the desired improvement.

Should I still do my usual in-house training?

Yes. Our training is not a substitute for your in-house training, but instead will make your in-house training more effective in preparing your servers to work at your restaurant.

I’ve just become aware that your service exists. I have already used another training company to train my waiters. Should I make my waiters take your training as well?

Yes. Italian StyleTable Service is the only training to help re-create the authentic Italian dining experience that your customers expect when dining in your restaurant. No other training course focuses on the unique needs of Italian restaurant owners.

Upon completion of the refreshment course, what should I do to keep my waiter’s memory fresh?

Your membership gives you and your waiters free access to Tutto Massimo content for a full year. If you feel it’s necessary, you may have them repeat the refreshment course or the entire course.

I’m opening a new restaurant and need to hire employees. How can Tutto Massimo help me?

Go to our Recruitment Center to post your job opportunities. 

In order to deliver Italian Style Table Service to my customers, do my waiters have to be Italian?

Of course not! This training has been designed for EVERYONE! Being Italian doesn’t guarantee one’s ability to deliver excellent service.

Should I pay for my waiter’s course or should they pay for it themselves?

At Tutto Massimo, we personally believe that every one of us should be responsible for our own education. That being said, we recognize that when the restaurant owner pays for the course, it can create a better relationship with their waiters, as well as expedite the learning process. You may therefore see faster and better results.