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How to Get Certified in Italian Style Table Service and Become a Tutto Massimo Waiter

To be certified in the Italian Style Table Service course you are taking, you have to retain a minimum percentage of score. This is determined by how many incorrect answers are submitted in the quizzes that are taken throughout the course.

Note that your level of knowledge will be frequently tested to ensure that you retain the important information that enables you to deliver exceptional service, increase profits for the restaurant and, of course, generate more tips for you.

Your graduation grade (A, B or C) will be determined by the percentage of correct answers you submit (see Score Card on the right). Your grade will be visible on your certificate and available to restaurateurs should they request it. We highly recommend that you pass with an A, as it will increase the restaurant owner's perception of your abilities. Keep in mind: to become a Specialist and have all the benefits associated with this status (Become a Specialist), you must be certified in all Italian Style Table Service courses with a grade of A.

Score, Grades & Quizzes

The Score

You will start all Italian Style Table Service (ISTS) courses with a score of 100%. Every time you submit an incorrect answer, a deduction of 1% for Levels 1 & 2 and 0.2% for Level 3, will be subtracted from your score. If your score falls below 90%, the course will automatically stop and you will have to start over again.

The Grade

You can be certified in the ISTS with a grade of A, B, or C. 
Your active current score will always be visible on the left side of your lesson screen.

The Quiz

Each ISTS course has a different number of quizzes (see the detailed course description). All quizzes have four major factors in common:

Factor # 1 - Each quiz is comprised of a number of questions relevant only to the current lesson.

Factor #2 - Each question has four answers.

Factor #3 - For each question, only one answer is considered correct.

Factor #4 - If you answer a question incorrectly you will have a second chance to answer it without decreasing your score. If, in your second attempt, you again answer incorrectly, we will provide you with the correct answer, but your score will decrease according to the percentage amount indicated above.